Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian


Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian situates epidemiological concepts within the context of daily clinical practice. The book’s thorough coverage of the fundamentals of epidemiology is well supported throughout by examples from published reference papers, showing the topic’s relevance to the practicing veterinarian. Eminently practical, this book demonstrates the application of epidemiology to the real-life problems faced in the veterinary clinic by both small and large animal practitioners.

Using an easy-to-follow approach, the book provides concise and straightforward information, with graphs, flowcharts, and tables to illustrate the topics described. With many clinical examples focusing on companion animal medicine, Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian is an easy-to-use resource for practitioners and students.

Aurora Villarroel
Paperback, 160 pp; H: 9.65in; W: 6.70in; 0.57 lbs
ISBN-13: 9781118472064

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