Veterinary Image-Guided Interventions


A highly-practical guide to procedures in imaging technology. Readers will learn to enhance accuracy and minimize invasion. Chapters include brief background, patient work-up, equipment lists, technical aspects of procedures, and patient follow-up and outcomes. Step-by-step, highly-illustrated guides to each procedure are included. A companion website offers videos of many procedures to enhance the text. Written and edited by leading experts in the field, this is a must-have handbook for internists, surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists and criticalists, and for anyone interested in cutting-edge developments in veterinary medicine.

Chick Weisse and Allyson Berent
Hardcover, 680 pp; H: 11.2in; W: 8.7in; 4.1 lbs
ISBN-13: 978-1118378281

Shipped by Wiley Blackwell

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