Pocket Handbook of Small Animal Medicine

CRC Press

Concise, problem-oriented, and accessibly designed, the Pocket Handbook focuses on the essentials of medicine and surgery of the dog and cat. The book’s helps start the process of case management and resolution. It includes tips and hints on interpretation of physical signs, diagnostic tests, and management of common presenting conditions. The book presents algorithms used to assist decision-making, specifically in clinical presentations and critical care. It also supplies commonly used drugs, their dosage rates, and precautions in tabular form. Color diagrams and photos illustrate key points.

Kit Sturgess
Paperback, 192 pp; 4.9in x 8.3in; 9.9 oz; March 2012
ISBN13: 978-1840761740

Shipped by CRC Press

Category: Veterinary Medicine

Type: Textbook

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