Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Horse

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This comprehensive atlas and textbook on minimal invasive surgery of the horse offers state-of-the-art advice from the experts. The authors present step-by step-descriptions of the most important surgery techniques in equine practice. This includes surgery of the upper respiratory tract, thorax, abdomen, and pelvic cavity. The book discusses the indications, advantages, and risks of all procedures. The authors are well known equine surgeons from university and field practice. They present innovative techniques with a profound knowledge of practicability.


  • Provides a comprehensive atlas on endoscopic surgery in the horse
  • Presents clinical experiences from the expert
  • Includes richly-illustrated surgical procedures
  • Provides detailed description of indication and techniques
  • Offers the pros and cons of different techniques compared with conventional surgery methods

Claus Peter Bartmann, Walter Brehm, Kerstin Gerlach, Klaus Hopster, Astrid Rijkenhuizen, Doreen Scharner, Michael Rocken, Bernhard Ohnesorge
Hardcover, 196 pp; 8.6in x 11in; 2.1 lbs; July 2015
ISBN13: 978-3899936803

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