Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, 3rd Edition


Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, Third Edition, is constructed for the beginning student in veterinary pathology, to introduce new scientific information on mechanisms of general tissue injury into the language of medicine. The basic concepts of pathology are integrated into clinical medicine. Chapters on cellular degeneration and necrosis, inflammation, thrombosis, hemodynamic disorders, and neoplasia have been reconstructed to include the latest in new scientific information and color illustrations of gross pathology. The revised 3rd edition also includes new chapters on infectious diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases, ecosystems and environmental pathology, and forensic pathology and bioterrorism.

Norman F. Cheville
Hardcover, 392 pp; H: 10.1in; W: 7in; 2.4 lbs; 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0813824956

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