Complications in Small Animal Surgery


Complications in Small Animal Surgery is a detailed, case-based resource for diagnosing, managing, and preventing complications in small animal surgery. Highly practical and user-friendly, the book is designed to quickly provide specific guidance on techniques and information essential to successfully managing surgical complications. With many images, algorithms, tables, and practical tips, this new book is carefully designed to provide an ideal clinical reference for students, clinicians, and surgeons of all skill levels.

The book begins with information on complications common to many types of surgeries, then moves on to complications associated with specific procedures. Each section offers information on definitions, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, and prevention, with a scientific summary supporting recommendations. Chapters are organized by body system, with information cross-referenced where necessary, making it easy to find and apply information.

Dominique Griffon and Annick Hamaide                                              
Hardback, 968 pp; H: 11.30in; W: 8.60in; 6.33 lbs
ISBN-13: 9780470959626

Shipped by Wiley Blackwell

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