Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology


Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology is designed to offer a user-friendly, clinically oriented cytology resource, with the highest quality images and thorough yet succinct clinical summaries of common diseases encountered in small animal practice. Images have been carefully selected and presented to mimic the appearance of samples under the microscope, for ease of comparison and identification. The images are accompanied by full cytologic descriptions to guide the reader through the diagnostic process and highlight important features, to aid in accurately and confidently diagnosing disease.

The clinical information for each disease is based on the most current, relevant, and evidence-based data available. The literature for each diagnosis has been critically evaluated and condensed into a succinct summary, promoting rapid and efficient access to the most essential information for decision making. This vital resource:

  • Features photographs of diseases with a diagnosis confirmed by pathognomonic cytologic features, histopathology, special stains, microbial culture, or other confirmatory tests
  • Emphasizes characteristic features of each disease and distinguishing features
  • Provides multiple images to differentiate cells from lesions that could look similar
  • Presents more than 500 representative high-quality images

 Accessible, practical, and filled with the most useful clinical information and images, Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology helps clinicians improve diagnostic capabilities in their small animal practices and positively impact patient outcomes.

Andrew G. Burton
Hardcover, 384 pp; H: 11in; W: 8.3in; 2.9 lbs
ISBN-13: 9781119215127

Shipped by Wiley Blackwell

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