Equine Laminitis


The first book dedicated to this common, serious, and complex equine disease, Equine Laminitis is the gold-standard reference to the latest information on every aspect of the disease and its treatment.  

  • Provides the first book devoted specifically to equine laminitis
  • Discusses the current state of knowledge on all aspects of the disease, including its history, relevant anatomical considerations, pathophysiology, the diagnostic workup, and clinical treatment
  • Presents 50 chapters written by leading international experts, under the editorship of the foremost authority on equine laminitis
  • Offers a thorough understanding of this common affliction, grounded in the scientific literature
  • Describes effective prevention and treatment plans

James K. Belknap and Raymond J. Geor (Eds)
Hardcover, 472 pp; H: 10.9in; W: 8.5in; 3 lbs
ISBN-13: 9781119944713

Shipped by Wiley Blackwell


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