An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat 2nd Edition


The authors begin with extensive projections of plain radiographs, of skeletal and soft tissue anatomical areas. They additionally include a series of the more commonly employed contrast studies. Detailed observations of the normal range of variations seen in the juvenile animal, and between different breeds, are provided. The range of anatomical variations commonly encountered in veterinary practice are described. In addition, a selection of the more common radiographic "pitfalls" appears alongside the "normal" radiograph, aiding diagnosis and interpretation. The book is illustrated throughout with numerous interpretative line and schematic drawings.

Building on the achievements of the first edition, this second edition consolidates and improves on the earlier work:

* Over 50 new figures have been added, and the quality of existing images has been enhanced;

* There are new guidance line drawings and tables for radiographic sizes;

* Detailed contents are included at the head of each section for easy reference;

With over forty years of experience between them, the authors have produced an invaluable reference atlas for the veterinary practitioner. This book is suitable for general and referral based practitioners, undergraduates or postgraduate veterinary surgeons.

Arlene Coulson with Noreen Lewis
Hardcover, 664 pp; H: 11.2in; W: 8.9in; 5.6 lbs
ISBN-13: 9781405138994

Shipped by Wiley Blackwell

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